Monday, February 27, 2012

Delighted Momma DIY Rose Water Toner

 Photo taken by me at the Santa Barbara Mission!

I saw this Rose Water Toner DIY on the blog Delighted Momma and just had to share. The DIY is awesome. I'm even excited about the fact that you can buy dried rose buds at health food stores! I bet you could find them at a Middle Eastern or Indian market also (which usually carry rose water, for the lazy :P).

Lindsay at Delighted Momma is an esthetician by trade and posts skin care tips weekly. Check them all out here, or view my favorite posts below.

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Hope you enjoy!


  1. Thank you Lauren! I just started using jojoba oil to take off my makeup, I should probably read up on it in the link you posted... I just started slapping it on there :P And I am excited to have a Rose Water toner recipe, the rose water toner I was using was on clearance at Target, I think they're not going to continue carrying it :(

  2. Lauren, really nice post and blog in general!
    I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award! well done ! and carry on :-). x

  3. @Sarah - Thank you for reading! Hopefully your toner won't be discontinued...especially if it was included in The Artist! Maybe it will get some increased visibility and they'll keep it on :)

    @Mademoiselle Nature - Thank you, thank you! You are too sweet! I will keep plugging along :)