Sunday, August 1, 2010

OCB - Obessive Compulsive Beauty

So it's been a while.....!

In my last post I discussed over-purchasing of beauty products and the benefits of keeping things simple. In this post I tackle my own beauty obsession - lip stuff.

My addiction probably goes back to the first BonneBell I cracked open. If I'm at the drug store and I find a cool lip balm that's $4 or under, it's going in the basket. I am powerless to resist. I show better restraint at Sephora, mainly because the lip products there usually cost as much as half a tank of gas. But in some cases I do succumb, usually after more thought and deliberation than 0.3 oz. tube of lip junk deserves.

I've tried to rein in my habit and consciously remind myself every time I see a shiny new lip lacquer than I have dozens hanging around at home. But sometimes there's nothing better than a cheap drug store lip balm to pick you (and your kisser) up. In my search I have found some stellar products, those from EOS, Korres, and Burt's Bees being my favorite. And if the journey gives me something to write about, that's good, right? :P

Recently I finished off some lippies and gifted my little sis with some others. So, my collection has been dwindling toward a reasonable amount. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my OCB in check going forward. Just gotta think about keepin' those dollahs...

In the interest of full disclosure, please find my stash below.

What's your beauty weakness? And what's your favorite lip product?