Monday, February 6, 2012

NIQUEA.D Candles

A week or so before Christmas my boyfriend and I hit the mall to find a last-minute gift for my mom. Near the end of our trip we ducked into Papyrus and encountered a new collection of greeting cards, jewelry, accessories, and candles called NIQUEA.D. I can get a little crazy about candles, and the candles in this collection did not escape my adoration. Soy-based and poured into deeply-saturated glass votives, they sparkled like little jewels. And each votive was embossed with a gold unicorn, NIQUEA.D's logo. Of course, every candle smells fantastic. The boyfriend and I chose the Blue Hydrangea candle for my mom (Blue Hyrdangea is one of her favorite flowers) and Papyrus kindly wrapped it up for us. But the candle's packaging was so beautiful the gift wrapping almost seemed redundant.

The Scrooge in me is secretly plotting to "borrow" my mom's candle, but in all likelihood I'll end up splurging on my own. The candles aren't cheap - $15 for a votive (1.8oz) and $34 for the regular size (9.4oz) - but because of the soy base they have long burn times and shouldn't produce any soot. The 9.4oz candle has an estimated burn time of 55 hours, so the votive should burn about 10.5 hours. In addition to Blue Hydrangea, NIQUEA.D candles also come in Citrus Blossom, Emerald Forest, Ginger Sandalwood, Wild Currant, and Cranberry Clove scents. Buy them here or find them at a store near you here.

Hope you enjoyed! Now I want to watch The Last Unicorn...

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  1. YES! LAST UNICORN VIEWING PARTY! Remember watching that at Ariel's house at a sleepover? I think I caught her brother crying a little bit towards the end...

    Anyway, these look like really neat candles, I'll have to check them out!