Monday, July 18, 2011

Self Magazine: Detox Your Life

I just read an awesome article from the August 2011 issue of Self Magazine about avoiding everyday toxins and purchasing more earth- and people-friendly products. Most people are inevitably exposed to harmful toxins on a daily basis via air pollution and leaded paint, for example. However, with care and proper knowledge, it is possible to minimize exposure to harmful toxins and improve the health one's personal environment.

I will try to scan in the article soon, but for now, check out some tips via the links below.

8 Easy Ways to Detox Your Life
12 Unhealthy Products
6 Nontoxic Beauty Buys

My favorite tips?

-Spritz rooms and furniture with straight vodka rather than traditional air fresheners, which may cause respiratory issues. Vodka will cut undesirable odors without clogging up your airways.

-Avoid using plastics which may contain hormone-disrupting BPA. The worst offenders: plastics with the numbers 3, 6, or 7 inside the recycle icon. I'm going to start checking my shampoo bottles!

-Use hand sanitizers which list alcohol as the active ingredient rather than the chemical triclosan. Triclosan has not yet been approved by the FDA, and some scientists fear it may increase bacterias' resistance to germicides. Hand sanitizer which is 60% alcohol should kill germs dead.

My favorite tips not mentioned in these articles?

-Close your car windows and recirculate the air when stuck in traffic on the freeway. This prevents you from breathing in car exhaust, which contains harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

-Purchase candles with soy bases, as these burn cleaner and release fewer carcinogens.

-Make your own household cleaners using baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, hot water, and other natural ingredients. Plenty of people still use old school cleaning agents, and when you cook up your own you can pretend you're a mad scientist :P

All jokes aside, I hope these tips are helpful to you. We can't live in bubbles (who would want to anyway?!), but by eliminating certain harmful toxins from our life, we can make our little stakes in the world a better place.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

EOS Everyday Hand Lotion in Nourish

I was recently in Ulta purchasing some birthday gifts (beauty love runs in the family) and saw this little gem by the checkout! It's EOS Everyday Hand Lotion in Nourish ($3/1.5oz.). I previously reviewed EOS Everyday Hand Lotion in Refresh (cucumber scent) - for details on the ingredients and product performance read the review here :)

As I predicted, Nourish has a "standard" clean, soapy lotion scent which is fairly strong. I actually prefer Refresh's cucumber scent, but I will use this one too. I still haven't finished my Refresh hand lotion though I've had it for several months and used it several times a day - I'm surprised it lasts so long! I was expecting the 1.5 ounces to disappear quickly, but luckily you only need to apply a pea-sized amount to ensure proper moisturization.

Hope this follow-up is helpful! Have a good one!

Labello Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Pink Guava

Meet a lip balm junkie's new #1: Labello Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Pink Guava!

Labello is a German company which has produced lip balm for over 100 years (so you know it's good :P). Stateside Labello does business as Nivea, though the products sold under each brand vary a bit. I have heard so many good things about Labello from those who have visited Europe, so I made sure to pick some up while I was there recently. This product isn't currently sold in the U.S. under the Nivea brand, but you can buy it here (while supplies last!). In Europe it retails for about 2 euros ($3 USD) per tube.

The three things I love, love, love about this lip balm are:

1. It's very moisturizing without being too oily or waxy.
2. It has a very flattering, buildable pink tint with just a bit of shimmer.
3. It has a deliciously fruity scent (to me it smells more like watermelon than guava, but it is a fantastic scent nonetheless).

And of course, bonus points for cute packaging :) I was actually concerned that the design on the bullet case would get scratched before I had the chance to take a picture, but it's been banging around in my purse for a couple weeks and no scratches yet!

For sensitive noses: The scent is definitely present and doesn't fade much after application, so you may want to sniff before you buy. I personally think it's yummy, and find myself reapplying during work as a "pick-me-up". Um, yeah.

The bullet/packaging


Check out that shimmer :)

L-R: 1 swipe, 5 swipes

I give this lip balm an A+; best souvenir I've bought in a long time!

P.S. - In my haste to get my grubby fingers on this product I tore apart and threw away the packaging. So, unfortunately I'm not able to advise of any specific ingredients other than guava extract :( I did do a scan of the ingredients before I decided to buy it though, and from what I remember nothing too unsavory was in there (silicones, parabens). If I can find the ingredients somewhere I will post them!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Wish List

I just discovered this new website They stock so many lovely things, I've filled my whole July wish list with items from the site! Read more about Bath & Unwind here.

Kings & Queens Shower Gels in George III (Lime) and Sultan of Granada (Lemon Flower), $8.09 each (10.14 fl. oz.)

(Check out my post on Kings & Queens here! I first found Kings & Queens products at a discount store in the U.S., but I also found the line at a beauty shop in Munich. I regret not bringing some K&Q home from Deustchland!)

Kings & Queens Soap in Tsar Peter (Tobacco), $6.47

(Check out their other cool scents like Fig & Licorice and Green Tea and Lime Leaf!)

(Currently Out of Stock, but I've sign up for stock updates via email :) )

What are you lusting after lately?

Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion

Mother Nature is turning up the thermostat again...helping me beat the heat is Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion ($9 for 3.38 fl. oz.). The lotion has a thin consistency and a strong peppermint scent. For those who have tried Burt's Bees Peppermint Lip Balm (I'm assuming most everyone has!), the lotion has the same scent and the same tingly, almost burning sensation on the skin. The first time I used the lotion I was a little taken aback by that sensation, but I'm used to it now :)

As for the moisture factor, it does keep my skin soft without being too heavy. Maybe this is TMI, but when I apply heavy moisturizers to my feet before going to bed, my feet tend to sweat a bit in my shoes the next day --> stinky shoes (does this happen to anyone else?!). So, a lighter moisturizer with a natural deodorant like peppermint works wonders, especially in summer!

Overall, I would purchase this lotion again but might try cutting it with another lotion to minimize the tingle factor. Hm...I should experiment!

Green Beauty Blog Rating: B