Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deborah Lippman S/S 2012 Nail Polish in Mermaid's Dream

A few years ago Deborah Lippman starting taking the nail world by storm with her beautifully-mixed glitter polishes. This season she continues to impress with Mermaid's Dream, a sea-green polish chock-full of green, gold, aqua, and royal blue glitter. At $18 a pop it's not cheap, but it's everything I want for my next vacation pedi!

Check out swatches at Nails and Noms, ommorphia beauty bar, and many other blogs. This polish seems to be a spring/summer must-have for many, so swatches and reviews should be easy to find :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Only 9 days until the official start of spring, and 101 days until the start of summer (On this gray day in the bay, I seriously cannot wait).


  1. I am dying for summer to come, too! I've been looking at fluffy lemon-pie recipes, wishing I could have a slice with a glass of iced tea on the back balcony while watching the sun set in 80 degree weather... Soon!

  2. Such a beautiful color! I can't wait for summer.... So far away!

  3. @Sarah - Oh my goodness, you just triggered a major lemon craving! Hopefully after this upcoming storm we'll get some more heat...I can't wait!

    @The Peach - Thank you for your comment! This polish is beautiful, I am seriously lusting over it. It screams summer to me! Love your blog by the way :)

  4. Hah, I ended up making lemon cookies with lemon icing last night! Trader Joe's was all out of Meyer Lemons, though, so I had to use normal lemons... It ended up having a kind of "fake" lemon aftertaste, I'll have to try again with the good stuff. And hopefully sometime after you get back from Miami and the weather brightens up a bit you can come for a visit :) Iced tea on the back porch while watching the sun set in 80 degree weather TOGETHER! lol!

    1. Ah, I just discovered the ability to reply, awesome!

      Yum about the cookies, but too bad you couldn't find Meyer lemons. Lemons found me yesterday when I drove into the neighborhood when there was a box of them sitting in the middle of the road with a "Free!" sign. I guess it's citrus season! I can't wait to hang out again, that needs to happen soon :)

    2. Yes it does! And I miss the lemon tree from my old house in Fremont... I should drive down there and bug whoever is living there now, God knows that tree is throwing more lemons at them than one household can use! I want to plant a dwarf meyer lemon tree in my backyard up here... Hopefully it will be as awesome as the old one!