Friday, May 21, 2010

Green Beauty Abroad

I just got back from a trip to Vancouver and I must say, those Canadiennes sure know how to stock a drug store. It was like a beauty freak's holy grail - they had so many things there that we don't have in the states! They had a makeup counter just like a department store! And so much more of the product is green! I swear, I must have hit a drug store at least once a day. There were so many things I wanted to bring home, but alas, my 1 quart bag was already packed to the gills! Lucky for me, one of the drug stores I visited has a website where you can shop online - enjoy!

It makes me wish that the USA was as "on the boat" with the green movement as some other countries, but I am thankful for the strides we have taken. And I am especially proud that my home state (California love!!!) is one of the United States at the forefront of all things eco-friendly.

I guess we'll see how things pan time!

For anyone interested

How green is your country/state/city?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Eye Makeup Remover Fluid

In two words this product is: cheap, easy (who doesn't like that ;) ). If I can have one more word, this product is: super-green! Most of the ingredients are produced from organic, eco-conscious farming; earning the product an ECO CERT seal; and the metal packaging is recyclable.

A few months ago I bought two 4fl oz. (120mL) bottles of this stuff at Target for $6.97 each (one bottle for the boyfriend's place, one bottle for mine). I still haven't finished either. You can either buy a bottle of the fluid (which I've recently seen with a pump on top for easy dispensing) or a tin of thin cotton rounds pre-moistened with product. The big pro about the tin of rounds is that it has a screw-on top, so it doesn't dry out like many packaged wipes can.

This eye makeup remover is one of those products you can find at the drug store, most value stores, and even some natural food or grocery stores with beauty sections. It smells like a field of blooming lavender. Sometimes for kicks I use it as a toner.

Anyway...It's hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive eyes, so contact wearers / itchy eye people take note! Its mix of water (seriously, first ingredient), natural extracts, essential oils, and aloe juice magically remove the remnants of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara that hang around after I wash my face. I do find that if I'm removing makeup after a night out on the town, I might need to make a couple go's before all of my eye paint is gone.

I should say- I haven't used this remover on any long wear makeup, other than Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which it seems to remove. I doubt it would be able to remove waterproof mascara or say, that Maybelline concealer that is supposed to stay put for 24 hours (?!!). So for girls that prefer long wear makeup, you might stick with a remover that packs a bigger punch. For girls like me, that wear a medium amount of non-long wear makeup from day to day, this product is a must!

As stated on the packaging, this product is:

-100% Free of Harsh Chemicals
-100% Free of Synthetic Preservatives
-100% Free of Parabens
-100% Free of GMO's (Geneticall Modified Organisms, like genetically-engineered plant strains)
-100% Free of Synthetic Colors
-100% Free of Synthetic Fragrances
-100% Cruelty Free

Green Beauty Blog Rating: A+ against regular wear makeup
Eco-Friendly Rating: A+

Avalon Organics Vitam C Vitality Facial Serum

I am in my early 20s, on the pale end of the spectrum, and prone to redness in the nose and cheek area. I like this product because:

1) It fades acne scars from the zits I deal with from time to time,
2) It claims to reverse signs of aging due to sun damage, and
3) It calms down skin irritation.

The last tidbit suprises me, because for some reason I expected the antioxidant ingredients to be slightly irritating. But with ingredients like lavender, chamomile, white tea, and aloe barbadensis extracts, this magic potion from Avalon Organics seriously calms my complexion.

The shining stars in this serum, however, are magnesium ascorbyl phosphate - a stabilized form of Vitamin C - and tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E). Vitamin C plays a big role in the body's process of generating collagen and elastin, which provide skin with the appearance of fullness and maintain skin's elasticity, respectively. Vitamin E protects cells membranes from damage.

Experts are still uncertain whether topical antioxidant treatments may measurably reverse signs of aging or improve skin's appearance, but for the girls on the frontlines - go ahead and give this product a try! I've been using it for a few months and I feel I've seen results - my skin tone seems more even and my skin seems softer and brighter.

One drawback about this serum is that it has a limited shelf-life and can be a little high maintenance. Antioxidants can oxidize and degrade quickly, so most beauty experts give antioxidant serums a six-month lease on life. After that, they're tossers. You can prolong the life of your serum by sticking it in the fridge or keeping it in a cool, dark environment. To determine if your antioxidant serum is still good, check for a yellowish tint or take a sniff (oxidized serums may have an "off" scent).

Another drawback - this baby ain't cheap. I picked up my 1.0 oz (30mL) bottle of serum from CVS for around $22.50 - Avalon Organics sells the same product from their website for $23.95 (follow the list for full ingredients list, too). Recent college graduates like me might consider buying their time and saving the $$$ to move out :P

I would recommend this product to:

-women in their 30s and 40s hoping to reverse signs of aging
-women in their 20s with a little extra moolah hoping to slow the clock

Green Beauty Blog Rating: B
Eco-Conscious Rating: A