Thursday, February 23, 2012

Korres Cherry Lip Gloss

I cannot believe that I have not yet reviewed Korres lip glosses! They are my go-to lip glosses for several reasons. They have a good color range (lots of flattering neutrals plus some bolder colors), good pigmentation, low stick factor, and wear for at least a couple hours. They also have a sweet cherry scent thanks to cherry oil infused in the gloss. Being as lippie-crazed as I am, I have acquired 5 of the 12 available shades. Check out my hoard below...


Top to Bottom: Beige, Nude, Natural Purple, Light Purple, Fuchsia

Swatches L-R: Beige, Nude, Natural Purple, Light Purple, Fuchsia

Compared to a MAC lip gloss, I find these Korres glosses to be much less sticky but about as pigmented, with comparable wear time. Compare to a geoGIRL lip gloss (the only other lip gloss I've used recently), the Korres glosses are thicker and slightly stickier with more pigmentation and longer wear time. I give these Korres glosses five stars, but if you want a second opinion, check out Sephora's website. They get (almost) 5 stars there as well!

I am so happy tomorrow is Friday - happy weekends to all!


  1. Ooh, Natural Purple is so pretty! I love Korres' lip butters, but I am not as big on their glosses. I have one I got in a deluxe Beauty Insider gift, and the formula felt kind of weird to me... Almost runny? But I haven't used it in awhile, it's probably time for me to rediscover this gloss, maybe it'll hit the spot this time around.

  2. How come the Natural Purple looks more red?
    Is it like "red cross"-kind-of-red or more purplish? :)

  3. @Sarah - I think Natural Purple is my favorite of the bunch too, though Fuschia is a close second (it's just so fun). Random that the Korres lip gloss you got seemed runny, maybe they've been reformulated? Mine seem to have a pretty sturdy texture!

    @EcoBeauty Vivi - Thanks for the comment! My pictures came out a bit warm (at least on my display), so all of the swatches are a bit cooler in real life. But Natural Purple does lean red - sort of a purple-y, mauve-y red. That's not a very good color description, but hopefully it helps a bit!