Monday, February 6, 2012

Survey - I've been tagged by sGreenJuice!

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11 Random Things About Me:
1.  I am pretty interested in cars and other motor vehicles. I can identify most car makes and models by sight, I just have to learn how exactly they work!

2. I am an adventurous eater. I will eat just about anything.

3. I am seriously directionally-challenged. I like to find my way by landmarks, but I can't always find the landmarks :/

4. I like to do things the old-school way whenever possible. For example, I'd rather ask for directions than look up directions on my phone. This may contribute to me getting lost a lot.

5. I'm studying interior design and hope to be a designer someday!

6. My favorite color is blue/green (teal?). But I am a big fan of color in general, and love all the hues.

7. My nickname is LoLo.

8. My family has two chihuahuas and one fat cat - quite the menagerie!

9. My first major in college was marine biology.

10. I love animals, particularly birds and big cats.
11. I've owned a red lipstick for over a year but am still too shy to wear it out!

11 Questions I Had to Answer
1. What's your favorite thing to cook?
Pasta! It's so easy and there are so many possibilities. Plus it's easy to dress up or dress down.

2. Do you prefer your hair up or down?
 Up, but most people I know think I look better with my hair down. I took a lot of dance classes as a kid so I became very used to seeing my hair up!

3. What was the last good book you read?
The first that come to mind are the books in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I'm slowly working my way through the movies (Swedish), and it's only fueling my excitement for my summer trip to Scandinavia!

4. Describe yourself in five words or less.
Fun, thoughtful, mischievous, goofy, self-critical.

5. If you could only use two makeup products, what would you choose?
Tinted lip balm and mascara.

6. Do you like talking on the phone?
Yes and no, it's fun but I much prefer talking in person.

7. What's one thing most people would be surprised to know about you?
I grew up in California and went to school in SoCal but I have not yet learned how to surf. It's a regret of mine, and I'm hoping to learn this summer!

8. Do you exfoliate your skin?  How often?  What do you use?
Yes, I exfoliate my face 1-2 times a week and my body about once a week. For my face I use a mix of face cleanser and sugar or St. Ive's Naturally Green Green Tea Scrub. As far as body scrubs, right now I'm using Green by Nature's Banana Shea Total Body Scrub.

9. Do you like to stay in or go out?
Both! I like getting dressed up and going out on the weekends, but I'm a big fan of cozy nights in as well, especially on weekdays.

10. What's your favorite/least favorite non-physical thing about yourself?  Why?
I'm carrying a bit of extra weight now, I think I would look a lot better without it. I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can get my butt in gear and get back in shape.

11. What do you do to de-stress?
Play with my pets, take a bath, watch bad reality TV :)

11 Questions for the People I Tag
1. If you could wake up tomorrow and speak another language, what would it be?
2. What is one goal you have for 2012?
3. What is your dream vacation spot?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What would you rather give up for a month - makeup or dessert?
6. What countries or states have you visited?
7. How have your travels affected your perception of beauty, if they have at all?
8. What is your favorite feature to accentuate?
9. Do you prefer to wear lipstick or lipgloss?
10. Do you use a primer? If so, which one?
11. Who is your celebrity crush?

5 People I Tag (I'm cheating a bit since I don't know more than 5 people to tag)

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  1. Haha, I know that you know how I'll answer your question #11! Also, I know you will eat just about anything; John dropped a cookie on the floor and was about to throw it away; in a panic, I told him that I was sure it was still good, and immediately had flashbacks to grade school lunches in the nature area... We ate some REALLY questionable things in those days, especially things off the ground!

  2. Jude Law...Did I guess correctly? ;)

  3. Hi Lauren, I JUST saw this! And I will totally your blog:) thanks for including me!