Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Wish List

I just discovered this new website They stock so many lovely things, I've filled my whole July wish list with items from the site! Read more about Bath & Unwind here.

Kings & Queens Shower Gels in George III (Lime) and Sultan of Granada (Lemon Flower), $8.09 each (10.14 fl. oz.)

(Check out my post on Kings & Queens here! I first found Kings & Queens products at a discount store in the U.S., but I also found the line at a beauty shop in Munich. I regret not bringing some K&Q home from Deustchland!)

Kings & Queens Soap in Tsar Peter (Tobacco), $6.47

(Check out their other cool scents like Fig & Licorice and Green Tea and Lime Leaf!)

(Currently Out of Stock, but I've sign up for stock updates via email :) )

What are you lusting after lately?


  1. What a great find, I'll have to scope out that website! I've been wanting things from the new fall Chanel collection... Those nail polishes are calling my name, wish they weren't so pricey!

  2. I know! There are so many little treasures in that website. I hope you get your wish and score at least one Chanel polish! Their nail polishes are always so beautiful.