Tuesday, July 12, 2011

EOS Everyday Hand Lotion in Nourish

I was recently in Ulta purchasing some birthday gifts (beauty love runs in the family) and saw this little gem by the checkout! It's EOS Everyday Hand Lotion in Nourish ($3/1.5oz.). I previously reviewed EOS Everyday Hand Lotion in Refresh (cucumber scent) - for details on the ingredients and product performance read the review here :)

As I predicted, Nourish has a "standard" clean, soapy lotion scent which is fairly strong. I actually prefer Refresh's cucumber scent, but I will use this one too. I still haven't finished my Refresh hand lotion though I've had it for several months and used it several times a day - I'm surprised it lasts so long! I was expecting the 1.5 ounces to disappear quickly, but luckily you only need to apply a pea-sized amount to ensure proper moisturization.

Hope this follow-up is helpful! Have a good one!


  1. Love that packaging! That's awesome it's lasted so long, I feel like I go through small hand lotions really quickly!

  2. I know, isn't it cute? It looks like a little Easter egg :3

  3. I almost bought one of these at Ulta the other day, then chickened out and bought the $.99 Eucerin... lol

  4. Next time we meet up I'll let you test out mine!