Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kings & Queens Royal Favorites Showergel Set

Everyone deserves to feel royal from time to time :)

This week I picked up the Royal Favorites showergel set by Kings & Queens at Marshalls. I know, I know - I need to stop reviewing things that can only be found at discount stores, but it's so cute I have to share! I've seen the same set at Ross, TJ Maxx, and other Marshalls stores so if you hunt you may be able to find it...You can find other Kings & Queens body care items online or at Target stores.

Kings & Queens is a body care line by Korres, makers of awesome natural body products. Each scent in the Kings & Queens line is based on the favorite spices of, well, kings and queens. Honey was created in honor of Egyptian queen Nefertiti, who used the sticky stuff in her beauty treatments. Jasmine was inspired by a Chinese princess who planted her entire garden with jasmine flowers so that the delicate and sensual scent would keep her lover faithful. This beautiful little set includes 5 mini-showergels (1.01 fl oz. each) in the following scents:

-Cinnamon Orange
-Lemon Flower

Take a look:

Close-up of Mango (Emperor Akbar)

I did notice that some of these seems to be dupes for Korres scents. K&Q's Mango smells exactly like Korres's Melon and the Jasmine scents from both lines are pretty much identical. Kings & Queens tends to have much lower price points that Korres so if you're interested in trying out some Korres products but don't want to spend a lot, K&Q might be a good option for you.

I haven't tried these in the shower yet but I am assuming they'll perform a lot like Korres's showergels. They seem to have the same thin consistency but the scents are a bit stronger. They are formulated with NO mineral oils or parabens and include nifty natural ingredients like pomegranate, blue lotus, and malachite extract (pretty sure malachite is a mineral, but I'll go with it). As always, extra points for awesome packaging and a cool brand concept.

Green Beauty Blog Rating: A

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