Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I picked up a few new things in my absence from the blogosphere which I'm here to share now!

Yes to Cucumbers Color Care Conditioner, $8.99
I've been using this conditioner for a few weeks and am liking it a lot so far. It has good slip which I love in a conditioner because it makes it super easy to work into my hair. It also has the jasmine scent typical of the Yes to Cucumbers line. This conditioner is meant for color-treated hair, which I do not have, so I can't comment on how well it protects hair color. I have fine hair which breaks easily, and I find it does a good job at smoothing and moisturizing my hair without weighing it down.

ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set, $11
I frequently use an angle brush to apply powder as eyeliner and unfortunately lost mine on a trip to Santa Barbara. So, I decided to buy some new brushes to replace my lost one and a few others which were starting to lose bristles. The set includes an eyeshadow brush, lash and brow brush, lip brush, blush brush, concealer brush, and of course my trusty angle brush. The lash and brow brush seems to be missing here, ignore that haha! The set came with a hemp case which is great for holding the brushes but a bit flimsy - one of my brushes has already busted through its little pocket. Oh well, nothing some needle and thread can't fix.

All of the brushes are made of eco-friendly bamboo, recycled aluminum, and cruelty-free taklin bristles. I find the brushes to be very soft, though the concealer brush is hard in the middle. I haven't figured out if there's a piece of material in there to reinforce the brush head or if some of the bristles are glued together or something, but time will tell!

Skinnygirl Tinted Lip Balm in Bright Red, $1.50 (on sale at Walmart!)
I absolutely love Bethenney Frankel and was excited to try something from her new face & body collection on the cheap. Skinnygirl markets this lip balm as being natural, and to some degree it is. Top ingredients include shea butter and castor seed oil, but I also remember seeing some undesirables in the list (like dimethicone maybe? don't have the packaging anymore).

Anyway, it's moisturizing, has a bright but sheer red tint and smells fruity. A great buy at $1.50 but (sorry, Bethenney!) I wouldn't purchase again at $5 unless some of the synthetic ingredients were removed.

Tube packaging similar to a Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

In the tube...sorry I didn't think to swatch it!

I love my geoGirl Pomegranate lipshine (review and swatches here) so much that I re-purchased it and decided to try a new shade. This is Strawberry, which is a purple-pink shimmer. I find Strawberry to be a touch too frosty for me, but I'm keeping it in hopes I can mellow out the shimmer by layering it with some other lip products. I'll let you know if any of my experiments work!

In the tube, I'm a fan of the lipstick style packaging!


I have some other new products to share but this post is getting long so I will leave things here! More to come!

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