Monday, July 9, 2012


I am a big fan of empties posts so I am doing another to continue my blogging enthusiasm. It's such a satisfying feeling to finish something, even if it's just a bottle of cleanser! I present you with my latest empties...

Tarte Provocateur Face Powder with SPF 8
This must the third or fourth compact of this powder I've finished. I absolutely love the stuff - it's really finely filled and has a matte finish which is great for me since I tend to develop shiny spots throughout the day. The powder is also somewhat buildable so if I forget to apply concealer I just layer on some more powder where needed.

Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30
This is another product I've used for ages. It is cheap, has a high SPF and applies thinly and evenly with no white residue. The downside is that is has a lot of synthetic chemical ingredients including chemical sunscreens. I've been trying to switch to a natural or organic face lotion but alas, all the options I've found are too expensive at the moment! This face lotion has recently been re-packaged, you can see the new packaging at the link above.

Korres Travel Size Guava Showergel
I absolutely love Korres and Guava is one of my favorite scents in their collection. Guava is fruity and warm and it instantly reminds me of vacation since I usually sneak some Guava travel sizes in my vacay bag.

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Face Cleanser
This is my second or third bottle of the stuff and I still like it really well. I re-purchased to replace this empty bottle. You can read my review on this cleanser here.

That's it for my empties! My next goal is to finish a bunch of my half-used lip balms, with a 100% Pure lip glaze as a personal reward. Whowee!


  1. Ooh, I like the idea of setting up rewards for finishing items! I am horrible at going through things other than the staple beauty care products I use daily... I just read a review for a new Neutrogena cleanser without some bad things in it by Nouveau Cheap that sounds interesting, I might try either this one or that one next. And, I'm thinking about breaking down and ordering a body butter/ bath gel duo from Korres through HSN, I am trying to switch to more natural products where it's relatively simple to do so, and I figure that products like those that I use every day and all over my body are a good place to start! I'll probably go with Guava, love that scent; it reminds me of vacation, too!

  2. The reward system usually works for me, though I do have a tendency to cash in the reward before I finish the task :P Was the new cleanser the Neutrogena Naturals one? I use of their cleansers and really like it!