Monday, July 9, 2012

As an avid beauty junkie I made a point of exploring every drug store, pharmacy, and beauty store I stumbled across in Scandinavia. One of my first finds was Kicks, a Finnish beauty shop carrying makeup, fragrance, and body care products. Still kind of puzzled about the name Kicks, I thought it was originally a shoe store. Maybe the store's named for the kicks you get out of buying makeup? Cue Frank Sinatra..."I get a kick out of you...."

Anyway, at Kicks I found my beloved Kings & Queens line, on the sale table no less! For about 6 euros (~$7.50USD) each I got three showergels in Lemon Flower, Cinnamon Orange, and Mango. The store also had the Sugar and Aztec Vanilla Pear scents.


Originally I had only intended to get Lemon Flower and Cinnamon Orange, but in my excitement I accidentally grabbed a bottle of Mango instead of Cinnamon Orange. I figured this out once I got home and unpacked my bag, and very distraughtly asked my boyfriend if we could go back and fix the mistake! He was kind enough to agree so the next day I brought home the bottle of Cinnamon Orange showergel that rightly belonged to me. I had become kind of attached to the Mango showergel so of course I had to keep that too :P

I've been a big fan of Kings & Queens since I bought a set of mini showergels at Marshall's, and I've been trying to track them down ever since! They are a Korres brand and are mainly available in Europe, though some of the scents are dupes for Korres scents. My absolute favorite scent is Nefertiti Honey, which Kicks did not have, but I've recently seen a set of Nefertiti Honey minis floating around the internet (shopping results here). I am sorely tempted to indulge!

So these showergels were probably my most existing European beauty find, but I have a few others to share. Stay tuned!


  1. Ooh, fun! I'm so glad you were able to find more of these. "I get no kick from cocaine-", but I sure do get a big one out of amazing beauty finds! :D These sound like they smell amazing!

  2. You will have to sniff them sometime...I will bring some to you!!