Sunday, January 15, 2012

Indigo Wild Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap

Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap in Lavender-Mint

Today I stumbled upon some new-to-me natural beauty products at the grocery store of all places. The boyfriend and I were cruising the aisles of Safeway when I came across a display featuring Indigo Wild's Zum products, most prominently, the Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap ($5.75). The scents sounded a little crunchy (Frankincense-Patchouli?), but each one smelled amazing - well-balanced, therapeutic, and in no way overpowering. My favorites at the store were Lavender-Mint and Tea-Tree Citrus, but there are a ton more scents available online. The soaps themselves are gorgeous - swirled and marbled with different colors - and the packaging is super eco-friendly, just a slip of cardboard around the soap. I'm on a no buy for body washes/soaps now, but maybe once that ends I'll order a Zum Bar sampler.

The Zum products line includes a ton more personal care products, candles, cleaning products, even pet care products! Check them out here. Hopefully I'll get to know this company and its products better in the the meantime I'm thankful for the Sunday night pick-me-up :)


  1. Ooh, this sounds like a neat line! I was lusting over some of the bath and body care products at Cost Plus yesterday... I am trying so hard to be good, blew it today at Rite-Aid. At least I had coupons...?

  2. That lavender-mint bar looks gorgeous - such bright colors!

  3. you've been TAGGED!!! fill this out! Like your blog a lot!!!

  4. @Sari - How funny, I was at Cost Plus World Market the other day and was digging the "There" bath and body care stuff. They all smell awesome :)

    @Susan S - I know! It looks like a planet! Have you seen rock soaps? They're cool looking too :)

    @sGreenJuice - Thank you!! I'll have to do this soon :)