Monday, August 15, 2011

 Me in the Munich Residenz (former royal palace of Bavarian monarchs)

So I recently returned from my first trip to Europe, and I'm already missing the food, culture, history, and of course, the beauty pickins'! I learned a lot and feel like I grew as a person in the 10 days I was there. I can't wait to go back!

The whole trip I was hoping to find a drug store where I could pick up some souvenirs, but every apothecary I came across sold only prescriptions and OTCs. From what I can tell, certain European countries keep their pharmacies and drug stores separate from their sundry shops. Finally, near the end of the trip, I found a beauty mecca in Munich. I forgot to check for the store's name, but it was like the biggest, most wonderful drug store with endless aisles of hair products, skin products, and makeup (drug store and higher end brands). I wish I had had more time to shop, but when you're traveling with two men, any time spent in a beauty shop is borrowed time :P

I noticed that the European skin care offerings were more numerous than American offerings, and European skin care seems to be a bit more advanced (e.g. fewer harmful chemicals, better SPF protection, etc). Since I've returned I've been lusting about the items I left behind. Thank goodness for the powers of the internet, and international shipping!

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