Sunday, August 14, 2011

In with the new...

So, I broke down and ordered some things from The offer free shipping on purchases over $25, and I already had eyelash curler cushions and makeup remover in my cart, so....these little babies joined the party and got me free shipping. Better to spend $15 more and actually get something than spending $10 on shipping, right? Right :P

I'm really excited to try out the Love & Toast brand since I've heard so many good things about it! And yes, cute packaging ♥ Reviews to come!


  1. I just found out what a gin blossom is last night! Funny! These look super cute, can't wait to hear how you like them :) Oh, and the Natureluxe balms are super, I have a few and I love them; some are surprisingly pigmented! I wish they had a nice red that didn't lean too pink!

  2. Remind me to show the balms to you the next time we see each other, I'm sure I'll have at least one in my purse!

  3. I just googled "gin blossom" and got drink recipes and the following definition:

    "Broken blood vessels in a drinker's nose which cause redness of the skin."

    Weird! Now I know! Hopefully the perfume will be more appealing than that. And I will remind you about the balms! Maybe you can bring them to dinner Friday :)