Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love & Toast Perfume

Say hello to my little friend! Love & Toast Perfume in Gin Blossom ($9/0.33 fl.oz).

This guy is definitely diminutive, but he sure packs a punch in the fragrance department. And he looks good, too :P Love & Toast says the fragrance includes the following notes, and I think their description is pretty spot-on:

"Citrus Zest, Spring Dew, Mandarin Blossom, Verbena Leaves."

Sounds refreshing, right?!

I've been intrigued by perfumes that claim to contain alcoholic notes (for example, Fresh's Citron de Vigne or Demeter's Gin & Tonic), but I always worried they would make me smell like I'd had a few. This perfume provides the cool freshness of a gin cocktail without making me smell like an alchy :P

The 0.33 fl. oz. bottle is small, but the price is properly adjusted for that. And if you want to road-test a Love & Toast perfume before committing to a larger $28 bottle (or if like me, you like to try new things all the time), this size is ideal.

The perfume's only ingredients are alcohol and fragrance. Since Love & Toast doesn't provide much information about the origins of the fragrance it's hard to say whether it's natural or synthetic (unfortunately, I would guess that it's probably synthetic), but at least there are no other questionable ingredients listed.

The bottle has a stopper top with no spray tip, so you have to douse it on. That can be a bit messy, but I think I've gotten the hang of it now :)

Next to Love & Toast Lip Balm in Cherry Lemonade for size comparison.

I really enjoy this perfume and think the size is perfect. The fragrance in it is a mystery, and the application takes a little extra work, but overall I think the scent is worth it!

Green Beauty Blog Rating: *****


  1. I want to smell this! I had a Demeter Gin and Tonic scent years ago that I really enjoyed... I see this being the floral cousin to that scent, which would be right up my alley!

  2. I'll have to bring it with me next time we hang out! And maybe then I can check out those CoverGirl Nature Luxe balms....consider it a trade :P

  3. Oh man, you still haven't gotten a chance to check out my Nature Luxe balms, have you? Come visit, we should have a makeup play date :)