Sunday, May 1, 2011

Korres Lip Butters in Mango and Plum

So I know that lately I've been reviewing a bunch of skin care products, but finally here's a product that bridges the gap into the makeup realm - Korres Lip Butters ($10) In this post I'll show off Mango (a sheer orange) and Plum (a cool plum), but Korres also offers their lip butter in Pomegranate (coral), Quince (fuschia), Jasmine (very pale pink), and Wild Rose (cool raspberry) .

As I've said before (and feel obliged to say again!) Korres' packaging is great. They use vibrant colors and cool images, which I think make their products feel more fun and luxe. The lids of Korres lip butters correspond to the color of the product inside, so if you own a few of these little guys it's easy to tell them apart. As for the lip butter itself, it's a highly pigmented balm made with shea butter and rice wax to moisturize and protect lips. Most of the lip butters have a sweet, fruity scent that tends to stick around after application. I love Korres' lip butters because they provide moisture and a pop of color at the same time.

Each container of Korres Lip Butter contains about 6g or 0.21oz. of product, which lasts a long time since the lip butter is so pigmented. I tend to be thrifty, but I can definitely justify shelling out a Hamilton for one of these.  A con for this product is that the lip butter is packaged in a tub, so you have to dip your finger into the product in order to apply. I don't mind the tub, but I think a tube would be more sanitary, less messy, and more convenient for precise application. Korres, please release the lip butters in tubes? I know you would make a killing on them.....


Packaging, cont'd

Korres Lip Butter in Plum

Korres Lip Butter in Mango

Swatches: Mango on the bottom left and Plum on the top right.

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