Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So I was at Walmart this weekend, and while I fully expected to encounter shoppers with mullets and ill-fitting clothing, I did not expect to find an awesome new line of cosmetics called geoGirl!

geoGirl's website is currently under construction, but there is a little buzz about the brand around the internets. Based on the research I've done, geoGirl is a Walmart brand of cosmetics aimed toward girls ages 8-12. I'm about 10 years out of that demographic, but I was instantly pulled in by the brand's cute packaging (cannot deny a lip balm with ladybugs on the tube) and natural ingredients. The display at the store claimed that 92% or more of the ingredients in each product are naturally-derived.

I picked up two lip glosses and a lip balm...and they are available for your viewing pleasure below ;)

geoGirl Lip Balm in Kiwi, VBS Lip Glosses in Raspberry and Sub-Lime

geoGirl VBS Lip Gloss in Raspberry

VBS Lip Gloss in Sub-Lime

Pictured above are geoGirl's VBS (Very Best Smile) lip glosses ($4 each) in Raspberry and Sub-Lime. Raspberry is a sheer purple-y shade with blue shimmer and a berry scent. Sub-Lime is a sheer green gloss with blue-green shimmer and an awesome lime scent. I am a fool and threw away the packaging (which by the way, was eco-friendly recycled cardboard), but I do recall that the first ingredient in the lip glosses was Camellia sinesis (Camellia) oil. The oil base makes the glosses thin and moisturizing with no stick factor. The pigmentation is minimal, but that makes sense for a line geared toward pre-pubescents. And can I really hold that against the glosses when they have cute little purple lizards on their caps?!


In addition to the two lip glosses I picked up a geoGirl lip balm in Kiwi ($4). The balm itself is green and when applied has a veeery sheer yelow-green tint with a tiny bit of shimmer. To me the balm smells more like green apple than kiwi, but I dig it :) The tube is skinny (similar to Burt's Bees Lip shimmers, but thinner). This means I don't get an entire lip in one swipe - I have to go over a second or third time to get everything covered. But again, the products are meant for young girls, and the applicator is probably well-suited for little lips.

Now swatch it out...from L-R: geoGirl lip balm in Kiwi, VBS lip glosses in Sub-Lime and Raspberry

Overall, I give the line a solid B. The price, product packaging, and line vision are great, though the products are very sheer and don't have much *oomph* on. Looking forward to picking up more items from the line on my next trip to Wally World...and I'm sure it will be a trip.

EDIT: geoGirl has gotten some less than flattering press claiming that certain products in the line are not appropriate for young girls. Namely, the media has called out cleansers and exfoliators...but I didn't see any cleansers or exfoliators in the display at Walmart. Maybe it was a partial roll-out, but I guess time will tell. Intrigue. Regardless, I still feel positive about the brand and the products I bought.


  1. I read one of those articles from a contributor who was upset at Walmart for aiming a makeup line to young girls! I don't think I agree with this anger... They seem to be doing it in a relatively age-appropriate way (Remember loading up on Bonne Bell cosmetics and Lip Smackers in 6th grade...?), and really, who can blame them for taking advantage of a viable segment of the market? It's up to parents to set rules for what is ok for their children, not Walmart. If young girls are going to buy glittery lip gloss and lip balm, then I think I'd rather see them buy sheer formulas with cute lizards on the cap than something modeled by Beyonce or a model doing her best attempt at bedroom eyes.

    Regardless, thanks for the review, I am going to have to keep my eyes peeled the next time I'm at Walmart!

  2. I agree. The weird thing is, a lot of the bad press I read was about anti-aging products that were going to be included in the line, but I never found any trace of them online or in store. Maybe they were pulled during the planning phase? Who knows!