Sunday, April 15, 2012

LEAP Organics

Recently I stumbled across LEAP Organics, a company which makes and sells organic soaps and skin care items. LEAP Organics is seriously committed to creating superior organic products in an eco-conscious way - all ingredients are organically and sustainably farmed and the business even runs on renewable energies! LEAP Organics products are cruelty-free and are not tested on animals. All of the products are vegan except for the lip balm, which contains beeswax. The prices are reasonable (from $3.49 for a lip balm to $16.99 for a face lotion) and 1% of the company's revenues are donated to non-profit environmental groups. The product packaging is gorgeous, not to mention fully recyclable or biodegradable. I love animals, so I was a fan right off the bat!

The soaps, body washes and lip balms all come in three scents:

-Lemongrass with Orange & Lime
-Lavender with Clove & Orange
-Eucalyptus with Mint & Anise

I'm most excited about the Lavender scent, but I would love to sniff them all.

Aren't these soaps beautiful? I can't believe they're only $5 each!


  1. Mmm, the lavender one does sound like it would smell good!

  2. LOVE these soaps! I have the lavender one and it's just fabulous. I don't plan on buying any other type of soap! :)

    1. Hi Kristine, Thanks for your comment! I have never tried these soaps so I'm glad to have your feedback, especially glad that it's positive!