Sunday, April 15, 2012

20% Off All Green & Natural Items at

Popping my head out of the cave I've been hiding in to say, "Hi!!!". Also, in honor of Earth Day (April 22), is offering 20% off all items in their green & natural department. As always, orders over $25 ship for free! I'm already filling up my cart...

P.S. While shopping around I ran across these and was almost knocked over by the burst of nostalgia. I love those fishy bottles :)


  1. As soon as you mentioned fishy bottles I knew what you were talking about! I loved the L'Oreal Kids shampoos... I'd probably still use them if they wouldn't wreak havoc with my colored hair, they smelled so yummy! Also, this 20% off sale is exciting, I'll have to go scope it out (even though I'm trying to be good... You saw my new Inglot stuff, I don't need anything else anytime soon)!

    1. So many good memories of those fishy bottles. I remember washing my hair with them after coming home from the Cabana Club in the summer!

      I'm struggling with my purchases too...I keep trying to remind myself how much stuff I already have and need to get rid of before I (hopefully) move!