Monday, September 19, 2011

geoGirl Update

Back in May I posted about a new line of natural beauty products called geoGirl, which is marketed towards young girls and tweens (check out that post here). At the time I could only locate geoGirl products at my local Walmart store, but now the line is available at! Check them out here. As far as the geoGirl website, the status is still "Coming Soon", but maybe there will be more developments in the next few months.

Maybe I need to grow up a bit, but I personally love the line's spunky attitude, fun flavors, and cute packaging. The natural ingredients and affordable prices are bonuses, of course! Holla to all the other grown-ups who are secretly kids at heart ♥


  1. Thanks for the update! I keep checking at my Walmart... but it's still not there :(

  2. You are very welcome! The first and only time I saw it in-store in was on an end-cap in the beauty section. After that time I wasn't able to find it again. Curious!