Saturday, February 5, 2011

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm - Lemon Drop

Dear Punxsatawney Phil, THANK YOU for predicting an early spring!!!! After the cool and brief summer we Bay Areans had last year I am dying for some sunshine. EOS's smooth sphere lip balm in Lemon Drop is helping me usher in sunny days with a sweet, citrusy scent and a little SPF :)
I've enjoyed EOS's Smooth Sphere lip balm in other flavors and was excited to try this new one. The texture of the balm is thin and moisturizing without being either too oily or waxy. The flavor is sugary and lemony, a lot like the flavor of Fresh's lip balms and glosses. If I close my eyes and apply I can daydream that I'm sitting in the sun drinking lemonade (which is a lot better than working on spreadsheets in my cube).

To protect your pucker from the summer sun this balm packs SPF 15 in the form of Octinoxate and Oxybenzone. Some researchers these chemical blockers can be harmful because they absorb UV radiation, which can then be absorbed into skin. So, I wasn't thrilled when I saw them included in the ingredients list. But after some thought I've come to peace with it. Physical sun-blockers like Titanium and Zinc Dioxides can be tricky in body products since they often leave a white cast. So between chemical and physical blockers, I think EOS chose the right type of protection for this product.

For a cheap, cute beauty fix I definitely recommend this lip balm. It's got great natural and organic ingredients, attractive packaging, awesome flavor, SPF, and a price point under $5 USD. What more can you want from a lip balm?!

Green Beauty Blog Rating: A-

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