Friday, May 21, 2010

Green Beauty Abroad

I just got back from a trip to Vancouver and I must say, those Canadiennes sure know how to stock a drug store. It was like a beauty freak's holy grail - they had so many things there that we don't have in the states! They had a makeup counter just like a department store! And so much more of the product is green! I swear, I must have hit a drug store at least once a day. There were so many things I wanted to bring home, but alas, my 1 quart bag was already packed to the gills! Lucky for me, one of the drug stores I visited has a website where you can shop online - enjoy!

It makes me wish that the USA was as "on the boat" with the green movement as some other countries, but I am thankful for the strides we have taken. And I am especially proud that my home state (California love!!!) is one of the United States at the forefront of all things eco-friendly.

I guess we'll see how things pan time!

For anyone interested

How green is your country/state/city?

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