Sunday, December 18, 2011

New balms :)

School and work were a little hectic the past few weeks, and as a result I neglected my poor blog! But I'm on the brink of a 6-week school break now, so here I am....

After turning in a final project last week I decided to treat myself with some retail therapy, so I hit the Target near my office. I'm always impressed with Target's beauty section - they carry lots of normal beauty brands and a fair amount of natural/organic beauty brands. The Target I was at last week even carried Love & Toast :) I was mainly there to buy Christmas gifts, but I did pick up a couple items for myself: Burt's Bees 100% Natural Pink Grapefruit (Refreshing) Lip Balm ($2.99), and Yes to Carrots Color Balm in Soft Plum ($5.99).

I'm pretty sure both are new products as I had never seen them before, and I can't find much information about them online. The BB Pink Grapefruit lip balm is amazing - it seems to have the same colorless, cushy formula as the Mango and Acai Berry Lip Balms, but smells exactly like fresh grapefruit. I almost feel like the lip balm could double as a fragrance stick - I'll have to test it out and check back in.

The Yes to Carrots Color Balm was a bit less exciting. I was hoping the balm would have a thin, slick texture and fruity scent, but the texture is more waxy and the product has that cosmetic-y lipstick-y scent. The tint is nice, but the color is definitely not plummy to me - it's almost like a muted blue-based red. I'll have to upload a swatch. This product wasn't quite what I was expecting, but I'm going to keep using it and see if it grows on me. Yes to Carrots Color Balm also comes in a warm pink and a coral shade for interested parties :)

Glad to be back blogging, hope I can keep this blog going and grow it a bit more!


  1. Glad to have you back to blogging! Keep up the great work! Sorry about the Yes to Carrots balm being disappointing, I think Target will accept returns on cosmetic purchases that are misleading like that. And yay for another great Burt's Bees balm! I am not a fan of their original formula (too waxy!), but I love the Pomegranate one! That faint hint of red tint is awesome. I will have to check out that grapefruit one, though, I love that scent :)

  2. Have you tried any other Yes To Carrots products besides the lip balm?

    I see them all over the place, but I haven't tried anything yet.

    Thanks for sharing your buys!

  3. @Sari - Thanks for letting me know about the Target return policy, I will keep that in mind! I think I'm going to hang onto the Yes to Carrots balm, it's a good alternative to lipstick and maybe it will grow on me.

    @Kourtney - Thanks for commenting! Yep, I've tried some other Yes to... products and I like most of them pretty well. I like the Yes to Cucumbers and Yes to Tomatoes face lotions for night creams - you can find a review on the former here:

    I've also tried the Yes to Cucumbers Body Butter, short review here:

    Ive tried the Yes to Carrots shampoos and they were okay but I'm not a super big fan of the baby powder scent. I used the Yes to Carrots Body Lotion with SPF 30 over last summer and it was great but expensive (about $14/3oz.)! Some of the products are more expensive that other drugstore counterparts, but I think they're worth the splurge since they have great natural ingredients and they work!

    Hope this rather long response was helpful, haha :) Have a good weekend!